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To improve your game, quality coaches change everything!



 Teddy is 23 years old and joined the club in September 2022.


Originally from Parthenay (Deux-Sèvres), and passionate about tennis since a young age, Teddy was a ball boy at Roland Garros in 2012!


A state graduate since June 2023, Teddy is particularly involved in the club, where he passes on his passion to young people and adults alike.

Teddy is also the referee for the Bayeux youth tournament which takes place every year in July and brings together nearly 400 competitors.


Ranked 15, our competitive trainer is part of the TCBX No. 1 team. 

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Ayrton is 25 years old and has been involved in sports since a young age. An excellent tennis player, he was trained and followed by the Normandy league and reached the ranking of 2/6!


A state graduate since 2020, Ayrton is a conscientious and caring teacher, providing THE advice “that makes the difference” to progress.

Ayrton is also qualified in mental preparation (LNF) and offers his coaching services on his Instagram page: @brainkeypm




Last September, Thomas set down his bags in Bayeux to join the club! Originally from Ifs, Thomas has been teaching tennis for 11 years.

Ranked 15/2, this competitor nicknamed "the forehand lumberjack" will defend the colors of TCBX during team matches.

We are counting on you to give him the best welcome!



We no longer introduce her... at the club for 2 years, Mathilde is the sun of TCBX!

Passionate about sport, our work-study basketball player is currently preparing a master 2 in sports management.

At your disposal, Mathilde welcomes you and informs you at the TCBX club house!

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