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How to book a court ?

I am a TCBX member *

1/ I book online a court (website or app :

Please, create an account using the details on your tennis licence (name - surname - birth day)


2/ I pay 5€ if my partner is not a club's member (I have 5 free tickets for a year).

3/ I open the court with my personal name tag **. This name tag also gives me access to the changing rooms and showers.

** You can collect your badge at the club during office hours (deposit of 20€ )

I am not a TCBX member


1/ I book online a court (website or app :

2/ I pay online 10€ per hour (whatever the number of players)

3/ I receive a code by email.


NB :The club offers  subscriptions  packages if you plan to play several times in Bayeux.



- Each player must wear clean shoes.

- Clay court: after each use, the net must be passed over the entire court and the lines swept. Water if necessary.

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